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Welcome to Petrous, a visual communication agency.

Petrous refers to a hard rock, similar to our design services that are hard hitting through clear, concise and effective communication. We take your ideas, services and products- any communication asset and express it through the use of art which is meaningful and purposeful. We will find silver lining in your product or services and create engaging content you wish to communicate, ensuring it’s integrated into an informative, emotional, and entertaining video experience.

If you want creative and imposing visual communication that will make your message stand out, we are here to help. We will gladly assist you with any inquiry and we will be more than happy to make your business surpass its competitors through high quality visually creative stories. Get in touch with our team today and let us offer you the ultimate set of design services you always needed!



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Your presentations are the best opportunity to tell your story and inspire people to act. At Petrous we help create visual presentations for every occasion. With Petrous you and your team will learn the skills necessary to create and develop presentations to persuade.

Infographic & Data Visualization

Forget about the regular tables and charts, we can help you turn boring data into interesting infographics that engage viewers.

Presentation Design Services

We turn boring bullet points and text into immersive visual presentation experiences for your conference or pitch.

Corporate Template Design

Graphic frameworks that align your organisation in creating presentations. We build templates that look great and align to your brand.

Presentation Training

We can adapt our training to meet your team's needs. We'll gear our existing workshops to address your industry, your timetable, or your company’s challenges. Or, we can turn your content into a custom workshop based on our curriculum.

Sales teams need to personalize their customer stories, yet marketers communicate messages to move masses. Analysts shine a light on dense data while executives must articulate a vision. And of course, L&D leaders empower us to perform our best.

Contact us to explore our presentation offerings and see how we can meet your team’s needs.


Video is now an essential part of any marketing or communication strategy. It can raise conversion rates, build engagement with your brand and help customers make decisions. To help your message to get noticed, you need engaging content.
At Petrous we will listen and understand your business, your budget and your need to create targeted video content that reaches your goals.
Video is a great way to raise awareness of your brand and services, but it can do far more. It can show the value of your events, help your customers get more from your products or attract new talent. At Petrous we offer a range of corporate video services, from explainer videos to investor communication videos.

Explainer Videos

Explainers are a great way to simplify technical, complex, processes and stories down to their essential parts, accessible to non-expert audiences. Using characters and icons, animation can make the most complicated systems easy to understand

Communication Videos

Video content is now a part of the communication strategy at companies of all sizes, and it demonstrates the value of your brand as an organization. With communication videos, you can show prospective customers a side of the company they might not be aware of.

Communicate data and research

People are often daunted by large volumes of numbers, and sometimes struggle to fully process statistics. Motion infographics and animation visually break down those numbers and figures, making content clear and impactful.

Recruitment Videos

Employing team members who are drawn to your company culture, values and mission, helps ensure that they are the right fit, reducing staff turnover and strengthening your workforce. Recruitment Videos can achieve that for you.

We work with diverse clients, big and small to create training and recruitment videos, testimonials, social media content, explainer films and everything in between.


How can personalized videos help?

In today’s crowded online world, personalisation of digital content enables a more intimate and meaningful conversation with your customers.
Personalized video platform helps companies deliver custom tailored communication to their audience by using video personalization. Data-driven, one-to-one video is the ultimate customer communication tool. Create, host and track relevant, personalized video communications on a large scale – marketing messages, statements, reports, onboarding and much more.
The communication will help you engage your audience on a completely new level and provide empirical data on your set of unique videos, proving the effectiveness of the video personalization system. If you have the data, and you know the story you want to tell, we can make your brand stand apart!


Creation of master video to address your specific business communication objectives and needs.


Your Data and content provide the building blocks for creating true video personalization. We bring you leading-edge technology — supported by industry-leading professionals — to drive the integration engine.

Video Personalization

True Video Personalization draws the viewer into an informative, emotional and entertaining environment, creating a new and more effective way to communicate.


Detailed Analytics track how your videos are performing, monitoring individual behaviour and reporting results in real time enabling continuous improvement.

We can create a video campaign, personalize it to a list of 100 to 1,000,000
individuals, and then deliver the videos back to you to be sent out through your email marketing system.
Below are snippets of one video that is customized for three individual recipients. Notice the numbers and information all change automatically in the video. Click on them to view the entire video and experience the power of personalization.

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